?? 389? And if the man says that he is who he is and is twice what he is, and twice, then one should leave him alone and in his faith!

Next week Wednesday I’m gone, good hearts. At least 16 days of training in the pain clinic. What awaits me there is the multimodal treatment of my pain problem by actually competent people there. It is my second stay in this clinic. I could not use the first one for myself, because someone was entrusted to me, whom I had to bring over time, which was a real war on several fronts. Of course, the old lyre is boring, and that it comes as it comes, astonishes even blind grebes, but I got into a … say …. violent turbulence …, yes, that will be fine, into a violent turbulence of my in this case most jealous Best Wife of all and the necessities, which presented me the power by giving me this child in custody, and the follies that just me This presented the young lady, and I was in the murderous situation, to do justice to everything, good hearts! That this could not work, was already clear. In spite of all reason and every opinion of my common sense, I tried it and ran against the wall! It was stress of the highest quality and not to think of relaxation!

Ok, as a knowledgeable one is never safe from being recalled from the Force and used, as we all know; and yet there are times and places and circumstances that in turn justify that you simply DO NOT WANT TO KNOW ANYTHING OF THAT!
Just cool, good hearts, from the Running Gag titled “Free Will” we even heard in this identity track, believe it or not!

OK. Okay again. Your good hearts may then have some rest, but, and for that, I guarantee, nothing more than the appearance of a presumed calm that is nothing more than retreating from the endless and crushing killer wave!

Copy and Paste is so cool … .:
You all know what to do, and if you forget, read it here
again after!
And then … do it – do it – do it!

It demands a sumptuous meal after me, dear ones. What more can I say? That I love you? You guys and water sports? – if that’s true, my Munchhausen will come to me! – That must not be! Fine! Pig! Alone! My leg!

How about pimping a black hole? – In the middle of the entity, into the box! OMG what a disaster! I’m missing the Zaster! I do not want an aster! I have no vice!

What are we looking for
What are we looking for
is the great gaggeli – guggeli – gaggeli – hu!


HU! Hu! Hu!

No dreams now!

No trance!

Immediately do not let go!

Falling to safety


Feeling security


and … because I did not continue yesterday …

Take this for the weekend, you cucumbers!
And never forget:




Hi – ho, good hearts! I am the sequel that follows! Stay tuned!

It would be so much to say, good hearts, if it were not so unpronounceable and instead in words … what it clearly is not. Or not yet, which I will very much hope and welcome, because as far as I know now it is very – very difficult to give people funce, without being able to say what funce is, how to do it and so on!
What’s easy …, yes, good news from the ever so hard-fought pain front, from which I will surely make gradually a peaceful and pleasant place, – good news and very good, because my new drug begins to Act. There is nothing binding to say yet, but the tendency for the better, for relief is palpable, and that makes me very happy, good hearts! – Thank you also in this connection for sending me so much good and precious energy, dear ones! – Everything is very well received, and – and that is the real miracle – and I can accept it all! Thank you, good hearts, again a big THANK YOU!
Yes. What else? As if that were not the whole world, less pain! It’s a godsend when those insane pains go back and you finally breathe easier, and can take a step without groaning. My poor wife, who is known to be the best of all, she strikes herself more valiantly than a deaf moose, it seems to me, for she endures my groaning and moaning and my violent pain breath courageously beyond measure and shows me by her excellent attitude that it always to find a way out there; also and especially when my desperation is so great that I am not even able to believe in a way out in this moment. Thank you, my beloved Beja, my wonderful wife!
There is so much that is wonderful that it seems wrong for me not to talk about it, although at the start I already know that it will stay literally “catching the wind”, I speak of the indescribable! On the other hand … why tell everything? Did not I do enough? Oh but! How would I have been happy to post the material that we, that is our nonphysical friends and me, put on the web, and that anyone can retrieve at any time!
Yes, in that sense … Is there a different way of looking at things? Only the neurotic, and we let that be better!

Alright. Then the koan corner for the day, what do you think?

The elephants in the elephant paradise – they do that and do this.

The educational pear claims that this is right with the elephants.

Good hearts, I tell you the truth when I say that’s true and the full truth is. And before or after,
but best and / or our people are hungry! So go:

You all know what to do, and if you forget, read it here
again after!
And then … do it – do it – do it!

Let us elephants and so free our inner pachyderm!


Come and do not be so cruel to your plastic fish!

Come and do not be so cruel. And I just read – on the occasion of a today extremely pleasant conversation under two eyes – by a more than sympathetic young lady who suggested her age advocates that she should go fuck!

Well, good hearts! Hi – ho, and sincerely welcome from – behind – Bingo in this casual corner of our multiverse!
And yes! Yes! YES! – Because of me too “YES!” And so on! Yes, in a few days it will be off with me in the pain clinic and that does not mean “standstill of justice”, as far as good hearts and your deeds are concerned, Capice! You all know what to do, and if you forget, read it here
again after!
And then … do it – do it – do it!

What you know about your Koan studies is what you know best and EXACTLY THAT could be the reason for you, maybe, possibly and possibly harder to work! I knew, you know it, and …, oh yeah, come on! Her good hearts hates me now, because I snatched away your comfortable pillow and you feel that your little softened Soft – Pale – butt has to LEARN! – Because he has to rise, BECAUSE IT IS THE ONLY WHAT MAKES SENSE!
Come on … now! Now ver *** again! NOW!

The sevenfold master of theoretical intercourse, that is, in one of my not really successful incarnations on an identity track that really needed to be flooded with Blackbush / Cola and then smoked with the best of Colombian gardens and Hopi, well Hearts, I am in this day today without a direct goal. I say very consciously “IN”, because I am really extraordinarily strongly associated and founded myself on this – his still has to get used. Like all pain patients, I also developed perfect ways to dissociate, which I also needed very much to survive at all without completely losing my mind. Now is the time to rejoin me, which is very difficult, because the survival mechanisms just mentioned are still doing their work diligently and reliably, and so I am fighting against myself with the goal of being fully reinvigorated – and more than ever before – to be myself! Of course I have help, and the help is given to me from all sides; First of all, this is to call Allen’s Best Wife, who really tries her best to keep up with my jumps (in terms of my moods, my overwhelming mental memory and my eminent need for rest). It hurts me when I see her trying honestly, but then breaking in, and I can also understand her frustration when she sees me falling to the ground again and again, getting up and fighting and fighing … we are both Fighting tired; we do not even feel like verbal arguments any more and certainly not against each other! To understand this life as a business, or – let’s use other words – as a strategic task, as Tolteken likes to express it, carries with it the fear, the authenticity, the ecstatic, for which this trace of identity stands fully, or the Contact to lose access to this indescribably insane entity of sensation, which is undoubtedly the greatest achievement of this identity trail! – And that’s not easy, my friends! Intellectually, I am sure, most of us succeed in getting out of the dissociating tendencies in time, but on an emotional level we are, if we are not wide awake, simply delivered!
It needs at all times a very sober and realistic view of oneself; a very clear inventory of what’s available and can help in the next round, and what’s not. Let’s take it for the sake of simplicity. My state of mind, to say, my state in my convalescence does not allow much stress, and our non-physical friends and partners know what this is no fun. I do not even get a departure permit to get on the bike (yes, exactly, well watched, of course the bike of the offender, which is always a special experience to ride that bike, good hearts), so I can not get up swinging my bike and driving the short distance to the nearby town, which today would be fantastically beautiful in this weather; but there is nothing to do. I think I understand and I understand that now there is no time to wander around, but I myself pass through funce, openly and honestly and without frills and beauties, but 100% natural, the way it is, as well as funce is, in order, then, hopefully soon, to be able to funcen.
Sequel follows! LOVE

The monkey looks dissatisfied; or is it thoughtful? Anyway, it does his likeness! And at 390/1, if you like! And what do you want? One wants: “Hola Chickies, hi – ho Susan! Hi – ho Bim – Bam! “- The Love of the Red Lily” And: The Anal Probe is out!

The midnight explosion of my drink, this blender – with – lid – device did not even bring me to the proper waking at night, but in the episode and mainly by the extreme enthusiasm with which took the Best Wife of all, it was fine with me ; I must confess, the word is mildly lenient.
I mean, a cocoa drink explosion that involved 400ml, with a drop of about 40 cm, and a cozy frozen in his horror and already frozen in front of this rigidity, who knows he is until the door fails, this long way into the world of physical things; and who therefore refrained from running even faster, but at the same time felt the unbreakable connection to his identity trace there, as the drink runs down the leg and sharpens there …, and can not be there, prevent nothing, do no good …, nothing!
And the audience cheers and is thrilled! And it is young and it is beautiful and has already brought all the ass bandits!

40 years ago you told me about the blue that I see today … I did not believe it then.

OMG, what am I doing? How can I avoid the consequences of falling asleep while drinking?
Not! I’m not afraid!

That’s the way it is and we have to learn something. To learn from it? From this? I mean: OUT OF THIS !? Why not? Right is just the opposite of links, that on the other side and not far away!
I pity and hereby show it, between the brackets now: {}
That’s all for today! – And do not tell me I’m cryptic!




that’s what it’s all about and the rest is accessory. So, let’s go, please … … now? !!

Do you want to leave?

Then do not dream dream the flower dance

Do you want to leave?

Immediately he falls off the same frippery

Do you want to leave?

Kiss cherry blossoms

Miss Jasmine

Harmony and the Japanese

never can never never go well

precipitate cream of Andalusia

Mandarins and orange blossom smell

invigorating sun-ripened

hovering in the sky

say good night to the paternoster

the sheet metal – rust

the wine taster

Hello Verloster Vorkoster Verwahrloster

Ausgeloster from the monastery

Forever in the freezer
What now

Want to go NOW?


the line is busy busy

humble truth in your brain

but you have misjudged yourself

Honey honey pearls – piggy

the long drawn piggy legs!

And please do the following … is very – very important:


Thank you!


390 decidedly! But something of 390! Möööööööööööööööh! – because the rhino is angry, because it was not happy in the early morning good mood yellow gold!

Hi – ho, (because returning to good is the gift of those 2% of all geniuses that are just cooler and of course high like a dragon) hi – ho so, hi – ho – good hearts! Since the whole setting of today is so unnervingly hectic and contradictory and absurd, very absurd even and really complicated, it was also because the best wife of Allen, Lady Nerve, which – as it turned out today – not even our notes consistently then, stumbling over her own gaps in her knowledge, she opens the cheeky mouth as if she were a hippopotamus with cabbage steam, so much so that she and all her words and absurd brainwash reached the level of ineffability, I open the secret gates for you! Look and enjoy:

The bag with my favorite explanations?

Do you sing – the lax lips – songs

licking the wick

always always

again and again!

Tastes overcooked


boiled cooked boiled cooked

Do you sing – the lax lips – songs

Do you sing – the lax lips – songs

tear me up

and bite me again and again

Do you sing – the lax lips – songs

Do you sing – the lax lips – songs

Enough words for today. Do something clever, good hearts:


Thank you!


I’m not a pharmacist and my shirt is hanging on Lilly – Lilli thread!

Therefore, say goodbye both as greetings, good hearts, so we do not forget that!
What does digestion do? How is the Dümpel? Or, in other words, how can one endure it when everything becomes good all at once, and in succession? How to bear it?

Give the dogs their walk – Bang
Give the dogs their walk – Bang
Give the dogs their walk – Bang
Give the dogs their walk – Bang

The fat woman with her huge blue tits!
The fat woman with her huge blue tits!
The fat woman with her huge blue tits!
The fat woman with her huge blue tits!

Come out with me and I forgive you your sins
Come out with me and I forgive you your sins
Come out with me and I forgive you your sins

because they flow
they flow
they flow

into – but nothing
Ulcer facial
Scar renunciation

nothing nothing nothing
not nothing nothing
nothing nothing

come over
Come on and pack it
Come on, grab a pig
Come on, grab a pig and go announce
and go announce
and go announce
because they flow
they flow
they flow

in an egg – sack

in your eggs – sack
and that works fast
Zack – Zack – Zack
from the expectation down
down with you
down very low
and now kiss my wand
he tastes warm after his grave
after trench battles
after screaming
according to
who looks after you
Look also the bride
the bride with the veil
she owns your little eggs now
laughs like a heron
laughs at you
off and on and off
you cheap number
you do not eat lobster
the lobster eats you
your fucking face
I do not want you
I do not love you
I fuck you
vomit into the gout
close your eyes
too and it’s black
and it’s black
everything is stuck
and it’s black
viscous resin
and it’s black
sticking my throat
and it’s black
and it rages like crazy
this little blind heart
and it’s black
black – black – black
you jugglers
you liar
you rotten meat
you dead body

What do you hear
are you listening to me?
you – too
give it rest now
and sugar
Icing sugar on your guts
Chocolate on each side
freshly fished
brought out with the sharp sharp blade
do you want
that I sing you your bedtime song
my tears
my song
my hurry – my guards
brought out with the sharp sharp blade
do you have enough already?
do not want to continue playing
not lying – not deceiving
brought out with the sharp sharp blade
force the last words out
only tears and blood
left behind
the last good
good hearts
it gets cooler
save your embers.


Not tired – so where from – who crosses a wrecking ball with a salamander?

Not tired – so where from – who crosses a wrecking ball with a salamander? (Actually a fire salamander, but he is incognito)

Adorable, good hearts, as you look again today! I can not get enough of you! My obvious predilection for nocturnal pain has brought me today to see my dentist, this little fragile thing, whose strength is barely enough to be really blonde, and that burns so quickly, especially at such a godless time and hour …
Gentle and tender, as she always is, she treated my wounds, which had cut my new dentures in my defenseless gums. She provided the wounds and polished my spare bits so that it felt like the pressure was lower. She could not do any more today, good hearts. When it is inflamed and when blood is running … but … but STOP !! because there are the great laser that do all the Ratzfatz and desolate, but my health insurance does not pay even after their walk to Kanossa Such a thing. Not for me.
Ok – ok, all right and no reason to complain! – Why? Why does my nice blonde have to struggle with my wounds, which can close in seconds with the damn laser? “Just question!”, I hear from the ranks; well, we move within an equation with several unknowns …, that’s why!

Since I am due to a personal holiday, about which I give no information, now so approximately 3 days or four will be present absent, so that the not yet enlightened among you good hearts (yes, you always pulls the ass card, I know! – then just give me more gas! – or glass!) can not perceive so clearly, are you informed cucumbers hereby, get it?

“Quicki – Quacki – Quocki!”, I hear from a vocal mouth give us the final command giving, now the pants loose and the boots on passage to switch! – If only one of you good hearts can do that, if someone brings about the DAS, then he is entitled to the law and order the ultimate ass kick by a cowardly street musician!

Please grant your fire salamander a time of silence far behind the phalanx and allow you to leap over your mind. Seriously!
LOVE! – Even if it does not look like it!

Cozy in all circumstances with you!

Early compote cost a lot and this is odd! So I NEVER wanted to start, and WHAT HAPPENS?

“It comes so!”, It comes so, good hearts! – And you probably already guessed it!
The beginning of the week gives me cause for joy, because people who received our Easter greetings, and with whom I honestly did not expect more! Very cool!
In a few weeks, two are, it means for me again “Off to the pain clinic!” For 16 days; Everything settles down again; but it does that in a very special way, because thanks to La Madre I finally get the previously refused medication. And yes, signs and wonders happen! – Even with a Bavarian health insurance these days! And I am particularly pleased, because the boss there is the leading pain therapist in Europe! Hammer, right?
I am with her for the second time now. On my first visit, we were able to accomplish quite a bit, but measured by my damage scenario, but now the signs are on “GO!”, As I perceive it! The approval of my health insurance was just right and could not be better timed, because I really do not want any forest and meadow doctor this significant change in my medication, and thus in my quality of life in attack. Nothing against the doctors who are really trying hard to help me, but it turns out that just being good and middle class is not enough to get on with me. It is annoying to me to have these high standards, but …, yes, exactly, you can not do anything about it; over and over again I come to the corner, in which I have to come to terms with the still unloved “upper class”, you also see it at funce, good hearts!
How often are you so that your “being better” makes you uncomfortable? Too often, I know! But we can not help it, good hearts. What else could we be different from ourselves? The few and unknown, who are just that so much that they prefer to write smaller than big, these few and unknown good hearts!

Okay, there was still the matter with the compote and getting up early …, and the zazen, as you already guessed:

Early compote cost a lot and this is odd!
With these meaningful words have been adopted, their powers and powers, for I too know …


Suzuki and cozy in all possible languages; on the impossible, we are still working.

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