397 and three hundred ninety-seven + 397 = already close to … Funce of course!

Yo, good hearts, and good morning too .., because of me, and that does not mean “by me!”, Because that’s how much time. Do not be stingy, ok! Seriously, have you ever heard of someone cooling their knees, just because he’s bored? So, to be perfectly straightforward, such a statement leaves me quite concerned; and helpless … I have a strong feeling that I could as well speak to an iguana or read Ruman poetry to a lizard, hoping to become good hope and not only geographically existent but also psychosocially in the script of Perversia, the The Green Persian Demolishing Cape of Good Hope Revealing End and Beginning Marking Sushi Girl Appears. Point. Yes, that’s right, I’ve already done that. Paragraph.

Do you have good hearts sometimes complaining? – Or constantly like me?
In other words, how demanding do you allow yourself to be? Do you know these “whining on a high level …” – killer phrase? Well, I know her very well and enough and more than that! One question, a questioning should be allowed, good hearts, do not you think so? Ok, then I’ll ask!
Why do we, in our case, manifest ourselves in an identity trail that bursts with sensual pleasures, with sex and ecstasies and highs at the seams? Can it be the purpose of our stay here to sit face-to-face and breathe, trying not to breathe more than to breathe? In other words, are we slipping all the way to a shop with the most exquisite sweets, just to close our eyes, to hold our breath and …? And the + all the great things, because of which we made it on the way here to ignore? Or to resist them? Does not that have something, a taste of Sacher – Masoch? – Nothing against the man with the delicious name, and for example his Lidwina story, in which he proved taste and a good sense of humor, but it is my firm conviction that this identity trail has much more to offer than asceticism and self – improvement ; much more. Am I talking about hedonism? No, good hearts! Clearly NO! This is clearly not enough for me!

I’m talking about Funce. Funce is a more than generous gift to me, and at the same time something of an accolade, it puts me in rank and dignity; and that where the air is known to be the best, right at the top, which more than satisfies me. Funce is also a kick in my puffy butt, because it makes me neither the healer, nor the helper, but me a far more modest role than … well, as an entertainer assigns.

Funce is only possible through the world change, through this act of changing the basic energy, which was misunderstood by many as the end of the world, 2012 and so on and so forth.

Funce is the best feeling, the maximum, that a human being can enjoy.
Funce is not a cure and makes no claim other than doing the best for the user. This best, according to our understanding, is very different from the individual. just like Funce.
Funce is therefore not a mass product for a variety of other reasons. Funce is far too sophisticated and too expensive to reach a broad user base. That means that Funce is not suitable for everyone. Even inquirers with the right business environment need to qualify to qualify for a Funce application.

Well, what do you say good hearts to Funce? That you probably would like it! Sorry 4 that, that’s not easy!

For days, I wanted to tell you about my personal counterpart to Bernadette’s “Beams of Air” because it’s really a cool thing, and one that confirms me and encourages me! You remember that little Bernadette could not go to class at school because she was stopped by a strong resistance, a “beam of air,” as she said? She even talked to the gendarmes about it and then went to La Madre, who was waiting for her in the grotto. I feel the same way with the daily planning, or the implementation of my plans and my intentions.
My pain literally nail me down, as soon as I try – and this mostly top-heavy – to go to the gym, for example, to move me something, which certainly does not harm me. It is not possible! My subsequent lamentation makes even the best wife of all totally crazy and gnaws at her really and truly tremendous long-suffering.

Enough words, my friends among the gherkins!

Have fun and do not forget the right thing:



398 – always happy, but mostly without unreliable lettuce

Yo, good hearts, and welcome! It will not tell you much, but I will report (not only nevertheless, but for pleasure) just the truth, ok. Today I started to func. Before you try the omniscient search engines, be told that this will not help you. Ha! Take this!
The theme of func and funcie, of being-started, and how to avoid being neglected in all the functio everywhere, will concern us very much from now on; and the better I get to the point of functioning, so that I succeed in transferring myself to a great state of fierceness, the better everything will be! Agreed? – Uh, no, rather like that: okay! Capice!

The whole excitement, good hearts, my beloved sisters and brothers, is due to the fact that certain rabbits refuse to put themselves in the pepper and thus give something more meaningful and content to this wacky proverb! – Can not do anything! – That’s how the obsessive companions sound and unite with the sex-addicted specialist salesmen behind the meat counter in astonishingly fast speed. We, that is to say, in this case, and I am no more ambiguous than usual, because my nonphysical partners are currently engaged in other things, and frankly they would not find it very exciting, all that is so plainly there like an arrangement of seven commercial spades, surrounded by a myriad of helium-filled balloons tied to said spades; you know, good hearts, because: who else! Or do you want to make the pigeons cry, you heartless monsters!

In response to the soon-to-be-expiring date of that day, in your testimony, good hearts, and all that we anyway in a certain way and in some ways often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often often prolonged, which by the way was very exhausting, we wish you all good performance! And that from the heart!

And now I tell you, which is unexplainable, and I waste myself in this attempt, as well

There’s nothing like embracing being gently raised, higher and higher, surrounded only by the scent of the first kisses, the sensation of the world’s tenderest hands, and – how I dissolve, how I dance floating, how I float, dancing, as I trust, letting go of everything, as my dance dances me, I release every attachment, as even my form, my apparent self expands, touching everything tenderly, with the utmost gentleness, ever more fragile, ever finer, so effortless, and so much More I than then, when I ever, and also more you, more so many you and yet no piece lost, because it’s all good, it’s all good and soft and it’s all safe, certainly even before my fearful Everyday – self.

Well, good hearts, now I told Funce, and without wanting to … but, but it burst out of me; and now I agree. With pleasure.

Do something else, you lazy sacks. What? What should you do? That:



I, incapable of Carlos Castaneda’s FATHER, but orally, where my predecessor’s predecessor in terms of “compulsions” was more of a rectal problem and hard-to-characterize leverage … and also on offer today (and as a result of superhuman efforts already good parts sold out) of the lighter and his cronies in need of explanation, the unworthy cozy, the shame of the unreliable depressive enlightened sweet peppers, the unprecedented right of residence, which extends to coffee with warm milk, but not for coffee with cold or even milk! – and how it all relates to the one-eyed avocado!

Is this my header today, good hearts? THE?
Well, apparently I do not have the choice!
But but? But! After writing this headline everything is actually said, right? Or do not you think so? Strange feeling, that … especially if in fact the case is that everything is fine and the seaquake just a small disturbance in an excellent program.

You know what to do



400 – Fibonacci? – wakaru wakarimashita! And laughable as well!

Yo, good hearts, out there somewhere, in front of our spiritual door is an enlightened, albeit one on all fours and with a crazy look, a little confidence-inspiring smile! Do we want to let him in? Tata! Tata! Tata!

… and when I reappear, after two weeks of trench battles in the land of pain, as I have already said, on all fours, doubting everything and not knowing whether male or female …, ok, that’s the way it goes not with me, but … but almost! … and when I slip on the mucus of my pain marks and register, which “enrichment” I was in this episode of pain for the Best Wife of all, it can be as hard as today; so hard that my girls from the nonphysical world have to intervene, shaking me through, then pinching and tickling, laughing at the insulted even pitying liverwurst out of me, and finally making me laugh and dance! Thank you, you wonderful ladies!
I can not say much today; but “only” that, and most importantly, I hope for each of you good hearts that you also have such assistance.
And, since I already have the best wife of all, you will have good hearts, so that only the rest will remain, which I am only a little affected, because you are just cool and Teriyaki – calibrated, as I know you!
Great God, when my girls show up and lift me up, whirling me up, as if that would not hurt them, pushing my particles so far and further and further and further apart to help me let go, especially the bullshit and the Mourning and my conceit out of me tickle, caress and massage as they send our borders and apparent dividing spaces and times back to unimportance with a slightly annoying wipe, wherever they are, at best, and only at best, for that close enough to belong, if that happens, good hearts, then a second is 10,000 years and every second an eternity! – I love it, as in these states the “knowledge of each other” such .., no, if our knowledge of each other finally a real knowledge of each other, and to all of us as one thing, where nothing is foreign, nothing unspoken, nothing more unloved, no longer in the dark, nothing more to forgive and to ask for forgiveness!

Come on, good hearts, on now! Get that off too! Start like this:


401 – Salans

Yo, good hearts and welcome – welcome! Since today apart from the invention of the Salane, a banana in salami – coat, a btw. A – albeit daring – very tasty composition, nothing irritates me to comment on it, and, that said, I wish you all an incredible – incredibly awesome weekend, it was for today … but only almost!
You all know what to do, and if you forgot, read it here: http://www.g-cook.com/aa_languages/todo_int/a_rule.html
And then … do it – do it – do it!

LOVE and 4 (four) dumplings for everyone (a current greeting from Suzuki, which I can neither understand nor classify, and which is why I pass on good hearts to you)! Let’s go:

LOVE and 4 (four) dumplings for everyone!

And the ingredients of a perfect moment of thankfulness finally returned to me, youthful contempt for death!

What does a contemporary nagual need to be comfortable in this niche, including here and now? First, Holy Smoke, no question! – At least that’s the case with me! – And I’m extremely grateful for that, good hearts!

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients that we do not even have in the village environment, and in the next small town after the visit of no less than 3 (three, seriously) shops have finally got together!
What do we have there? First of all, Pure Leaves made of organically grown hemp, unbleached, with adhesive surface made of natural gum arabic! In addition, cigarette tobacco, a traditional blend of the highest quality without additives! – Cultivate the beans, pumpkins, cotton and just this wonderful tobacco from the friendly Indians, the farmers in New Mexico. All this plus unbleached slim filter in a recyclable bag; environmentally friendly, because biodegradable – fibers inside the filter made of pure cellulose – cellulose fibers from FSC®-certified forests, plus a lighter now, and already the production of this exquisite delicacy can begin!

If all this together, the magic can begin!

And …, hear and be amazed, that’s all it takes, and maybe not even when the heart is pure and the purpose is clear and true!

Have fun then, good hearts, because you are excellently positioned!

And think about the others as well:


Thank you!

403 and, not that I’m sorry! Lichterloh and why is it always Saturday or Sunday (The attempt of an appreciation)

If you already hear bullshit in the morning – aggravating, it has something to do with totally unrealistic allegations against you – and you know that you should not get angry, because this sputum is only the result of seriously bizarre hallucinations is, what’s to become of the day, good hearts? What should be done?

Yo, good hearts, and this setting was actually able to increase this morning, because it was followed by a very long and very painful visit to the dentist!

And anyone who does not want to miss Fontanelle at the latest and want to say Goodbye’s front teeth is not harder than hard, because I was earlier – but gentler than me, as I am today, and everything – everything, just everything – always Always-pervading, I mean, I’ll be part of it! And that’s the real revolution, good hearts!
To pretend that this talk would not bother you, you would chant about the lowlands to chant this misery, talking to yourself, negotiating or even screaming …, btw. who has helped so far? Not me! If something upsets me, then only one thing happened, something brought me up, Capice?

Wooop! – Even if we are not marines! Wooop!

The real danger, my friends, is that such attacks confirm our “how different” we are, and “how much further,” as our counterpart and mordio intone counterpart! So we are painting our self-praise with the very fine and warm spring of well-being in itself and, of course, of lying down, for we end this undignified (that’s why they were cut short and non-negotiable without another word // and the thing in question should be not worth mentioning any more … // think about it, good hearts! Think about it!) … we do not end this undignified communication through and through (as we are most obliged to!).
Hand on heart, good hearts, are we a bit better than our torturers?
Let’s start with me. Somehow logical, after all, is my blog. Cozy is not a bit better. Point, finished (for those who did not realize that’s all I have to say on this point).

If you have more, and I do not doubt it for a moment, you can be as fantastic as I can imagine; Anyway, I’m sure you’re all – mega – cool!

I’m off, the identity track here and now, she’s waiting for me!

Just please, do not forget to share! It’s that easy, just follow this link:



404 – You are a pleasure object! Monday morning until Sunday night!

Yo, good heart, you are a pleasure object! – So what? What is already there? Just rest, just cool! We are all that! – And it is a blessed thing that we discover there, my friends! – Because we are not in the first place – and this is not an extremely important NOT, good hearts, because we are by no means someone else object of desire, but first of all and more important as everything, we are that for ourselves!
Now stop on Onan and self-immolation, you sad figures, who pretend that your sadness is nothing to cheer! Stop! And stop now! And LISTEN NOW !!!

What do you think, how’s the good old Zen number, you cucumbers, who did not even make it to the sea cucumbers, sadly! – And THAT would be a real and important reason to be REALLY SAD; So how does the Zen thing work? Do not you care about yourself? Does one not play the entire Koanstudien permanently around, be it mentally, mentally or in the cooking pot, if one works in the kitchen? Is it still capable of development, this centeredness, this focus on oneself? – I do not think so, what about you? Or have you not gotten to the point of recognizing the superficial differences between physical and psychological as what they are? Do you feel this vast amount of obvious presence of unobservable? Do you remember that, if we take a cathedral as the benchmark for an atom, that is, a real and, for example, from a quark’s point of view, a huge construct, that the atomic nucleus in said cathedral would not be larger than a single note on one Sheet music of the church choir? Lots of nothing so, good hearts, disguised as matter!
Hand on heart, is not that all ridiculous, my dears? After the atom it goes on and on deeper into the tiny, as our observations show in ever larger dimensions only more and more and more and more, the more we can perceive, and that never and nowhere is an end in sight?

Only when we live and act consciously of the ridiculousness of our real observations, and expressly those of our best scientists, do we not begin to understand that our so-called progress is merely an ever-ever-continuing journey in the infinite, while our “stops” in between, when we take breath, all are equal and surreal with the same right and claim, and we bring to the compelling realization that we ourselves produce these traces of identity permanently and incessantly, and thus generate new awareness and life, there is a very high Chance of happiness! OK! OK? Take your time before you answer. That’s not easy to digest! Everyone has this experience!

Then all good hearts a fantastic New Week and good results in all instances!

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406 – and not in the future, but – to anticipate – but definitely not yesterday or anywhere else in the past, now and now and now! Impression versus pig – pressure?

Let’s face the facts, good hearts, now that the world change that misguided people expected in 2012 is being done piece by piece, we can feel just as comfortable! Or do you disagree?

If all sorts of things communicate with us, and we think that’s extraordinary, without considering the fact that this all-embracing communication has always been there, and now through something of an inevitability (is there such a word?) Just suddenly and without preparation become perceivers of much larger traces of identity, and we do not take very good care of ourselves, we are in danger of becoming very much – very confused; and who of us wants a rubber cell or this nice “designer jacket” with the megalong sleeves?

Enlightenment is the realization of always available information channels.

Let’s pack it more pragmatically, good hearts! What about that?
For example, we can use today’s almost all-inclusive communication capabilities at our convenience, which in fact means that we needed a lot of time and, beyond that, large economic resources in the supermarket, into the information that we used to extract before, around the world we walk, elicit, speak, lure them out regularly, which is much easier under our new environmental conditions.

This may sound a bit dry now, but thank God we are not dealing with beginners, but with you, good hearts.

Then enjoy the clarity again and notice:

Enlightenment is the realization of always available information channels


And now a nice party for all of us! – And we really mean all, that is, all – all – all! Here we go:

And shares:



Suzuki and cozy in all possible languages; on the impossible, we are still working.

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