This is my promise!

No matter how cruelly, humiliated, and boiling and foaming your heart is, every day, every hour, every minute, every second, you receive a brand new, radiant and radiant heart, blessed with heavenly blue and the highest light, always and always again, to the end of time and beyond. That is my promise!
La Madre.

482 – Alien women with prana boobs and adjustable inlets are more than 24 hours a day hot and make you feel better than ever, even though they look like they’re not there!

I mean, good hearts, and now you, is that clear? What you’d better realize, sooner rather than later, for your own benefit, no (if your intention is to fully enjoy this stay on this space-time coordinate) is that you bring it to you any moment, she to you, to you, to you, and to give you the number of your life. Over and over again. And you will fall in love with these abilities, which are just the beginning, which are just the beginning of your indulgence!

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