409 – If everything was not contained in the smallest particle …

410 – Or … what do you think? From dung to new shores!

411 – Life is the chance to be generous. In the absence of time and opportunity, here’s more from Lucifers Field for you, good hearts:


412 – SUNDAY on Lucifers Field Prologue, Introduction & Prehistory (3)


413 – Saturday – and again an invitation for you good hearts after Lucifers Field

414 – Your invitation to Lucifers Field

415 – tonight I had a really enjoyable visit but – before you ask – Edna St. Vincent Millay was not, but respect, folks, just barely missed and often confused, so your mistake is easily forgivable, good hearts!

416 – Sweet cherries and licorice, I’m in the crack, until I’m just so flash! And Milton H. threatens with the index finger!

417 – What the wok is “wok”? And is that a question?

418 – Sweet fragrant plums on my skull