391 – if the rabbits leave watermelons! – Part 2 –

391 – if the rabbits leave watermelons! – Part 1 –

392 – and time is running! What, this time runs all the time?

393 – and Friday again – and a cool number!

394 – whoever misses, has to hand it over!

§)% or 395 – wants to say: I funce myself!

396. I am Maître de Plaisir

397 and three hundred ninety-seven + 397 = already close to … Funce of course!

398 – always happy, but mostly without unreliable lettuce

I, incapable of Carlos Castaneda’s FATHER, but orally, where my predecessor’s predecessor in terms of “compulsions” was more of a rectal problem and hard-to-characterize leverage … and also on offer today (and as a result of superhuman efforts already good parts sold out) of the lighter and his cronies in need of explanation, the unworthy cozy, the shame of the unreliable depressive enlightened sweet peppers, the unprecedented right of residence, which extends to coffee with warm milk, but not for coffee with cold or even milk! – and how it all relates to the one-eyed avocado!