I’ll be back like this on the tenth of next month, good hearts! – Do not lose heart, and I do not want postcoital dysphoria, if you please! + – never forget: http://www.g-cook.com/aa_languages/todo_int/a_rule.html LOVE! Cozy

My first, no second Salane in this or that (buhuuuu spooky …) night, and it was a … what do I say, it is … an incomparable experience, beyond all limits! Of course you want to be good and therefore ALWAYS say the same thing: “Always think of the fish! – Always think about the fish! “

388 you sended dreams in my love and a meeting that took place in 1916 in Hugo Ball’s Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, where a paper knife inserted in a French-German dictionary pointed to the word “dada”; this word was accepted as fitting?

?? 389? And if the man says that he is who he is and is twice what he is, and twice, then one should leave him alone and in his faith!

Hi – ho, good hearts! I am the sequel that follows! Stay tuned!

Come and do not be so cruel to your plastic fish!

The monkey looks dissatisfied; or is it thoughtful? Anyway, it does his likeness! And at 390/1, if you like! And what do you want? One wants: “Hola Chickies, hi – ho Susan! Hi – ho Bim – Bam! “- The Love of the Red Lily” And: The Anal Probe is out!


390 decidedly! But something of 390! Möööööööööööööööh! – because the rhino is angry, because it was not happy in the early morning good mood yellow gold!

I’m not a pharmacist and my shirt is hanging on Lilly – Lilli thread!