371. Really now? That fits perfectly, good hearts!

My hero and poet Charles B. wrote in one of his most important works of “listless trains and counter-trains” and spoke to all those who had a serious roof damage, or were “only” very sad, right from the heart! Especially me.

What do you do after completing your teaching job and free from these annoying postman activities every day? And what do you do without blogging regularly without even regular thoughts? So how does the unboundedness of nothingness feel?
Very good, I want to say; and I mean it like that. I have to confess at the moment, I’m overwhelmed by the feeling of freedom and the possibilities that come with it!
Online since 1742 days. Inside and out. I fulfilled my duties with passion and love. This is behind me and it weighs heavily and it is not easy to let go and it is even harder to be open to new things, although the idea of ​​being alone in the idea of ​​what it means to be “not productive” seems paradisiacal and Forces released. I just call it that “powers” … What I mean by that is to have a moment to breathe deeply and to be able to fully surrender to the wonderful reality, and by that I mean those who cover the traces of identity.

This is where a Bulgarian joke fits. If he is funny, that will turn out.
So: A rich farmer comes to the big city to do business there. He lives, of course, in the best house in the city and has a room with all the harassment. When he’s in the bathroom doing a big deal on the toilet, and he’s almost done with it, he’s suddenly startled, because something comes out of the bowl and cleans his ass. Thoroughly the whole thing, and it does not hurt a bit. The wealthy farmer is impressed. He has never experienced anything like this.
Once home, he embarks on the realization of his newborn desire to have the same luxury he enjoyed in the big city, because his ass really loved being wiped off by someone else’s hand.
One happy day he got a visit. He proudly showed his whole house, his vineyards and fields and his livestock, all his belongings. His visit was impressive.
Only he just did not come back after he went to the bathroom. That was strange. Our friend, the rich peasant, did not want to run after him, did not break into such an intimate situation, and so he sat and drank two glasses of wine. He was at the end of the second glass when his visitor finally reappeared. He looked terrible and was not in a good mood. Screaming, he asked the farmer why his servant shaved off his face with a broom when he saw what was scratching his ass after that uncomfortably hard broom …

Ha – ha – ha! I already know. Not very funny, right? That’s not what it’s about today. Not because of the comedy, because whether we are old or young or knowledgeable or profane, or the biggest buffoons ever and amateurish assholes, are not we fared just like the guy in the Bulgarian joke?
I can only contribute to that, that in life I got the shitty broom in the face often enough and I suspect that you good hearts felt the same way.

Although I no longer teach, I offer you a perspective. And that is, that monstrous things are waiting for you, tremendously good, hot and worth experiencing! This is no joke and no empty promise. You know, I do not do that.

So, think of your part in good time the next time your face gets smeared with shit, think of the rich pawn and his straightforward intentions; and admits that there must also be such a god!

So let’s start the weekend, good hearts!

OK? Alright, good hearts? I thought so. Then clean, but very casual!

We, good hearts, all know what we have to do over and over, and if we forget, we’ll read it here

just after!

And then … we do it – do it – do it!


Posted by cozy

"I think our society is run by insane people with insane goals, I think we are ruled by madmen for insane purposes. I think they are all crazy.
But I'll probably be locked up as mad, because I said it. That's the crazy thing. Do not you think so?"


Also, I'm sure that you, the Owls - worshipers from planet Earth to deport aliens Dark Forces, according to the dried shit and Popel the clan is hopelessly addicted anyway!

One must finally dream, is not it?

Hopefully get John Lennon, the first statement is assigned, and I a double cell of pink foam in the madhouse of owls - worshipers, the mentally ill!

So, then tomorrow or the day ....., right?

No, not quite, because here, of course, the inevitable, our warriors - duty, so does not make you wet and get started!

We will nourish and heal, that's for sure. Such, strictly speaking, such is my duty; this and my silence presence in hospices and at the hospital beds and places of death; and I highly recommend it!

And besides, I'm making a website ( for an invisible because immediately disembodied Japanese and his nonphysical transition, and I have to be enlightened the bizarre faith and a man of knowledge in Toltec and an adept in magic meaning and west am also cozy, previously cozyP, protégé of apples and goats, and previously of TJ Cawley the financial manager of the Irish freedom fighters, as well as additional and always and above The Fahfahrian but aka Amigo Loco Corazon, Loa Mo Yoruba, Lazy, Ldogg, the First g - cook, you therefore handed now, hereby, and power of my amazing hard nipples with showers, their fine sensors reach into space and more than cozy who loves more than he understands and whose anger the gods irritating sneeze, so I did not surrender myself, but I give you my beloved good, hearts, my enlightened brothers and sisters, PURE POWER, in very small "portions" my travelogue, "The Dalai Lama's visit to Auschwitz," since I been said even'm all previously considers to have just completed this journey with His Holiness, where we write Kafka, Machiavelli, Aleister Crowley, en masse Nazis and many others found that were also in their ways, which I then ultimately the fact could not walk out of the way, to be predestined, "Lucifer's Field", which first part I completed and presented to the public on Suzuki's website, as well as some readable parts made "with the Dalai Lama after Auschwitz", and last but not least, I am a part-time Buddhist and Vollzeittolteke because I work overtime do.

Impressive, eh? I know better than that! Now sleep well! Sleep For a beloveds goodhearts, my beloved enlightened brothers and sisters! -
But wait, because ... that I, that we all want something from you, is clear anyway, right? Listen and shares!

Then let us sing silently. Right into your golden heart when you feel like:

"I think our society is run by insane people with insane goals, I think we are ruled by madmen for insane purposes. I think they are all crazy.
But I'll probably be locked up as mad, because I said it. That's the crazy thing. Do not you think so?"


Also, I'm sure that you, the Owls - worshipers from planet Earth to deport aliens Dark Forces, according to the dried shit and Popel the clan is hopelessly addicted anyway!

Ok, and except for the scumbags of owls - kidding and deport worshipers and their club, there is something to do .... now does so, her pickles! You know what to do.

You know my always-always-always - same request, the Beloved goodhearts other gives something to eat, a blanket, clothes, toys, some money, whatever-always-always .......... ....................

... ....................... Or just some of your energy.

It works like this:

Move your ass to the nearest hospice, hospital, senior citizens or children's home
Stay near the building / building
Stands upright, breathe deeply in and out
Open your palms and radiates healing and refreshing energy to the people there
Makes 9 breath cycles
Move your ass to the place of your choice
Carries out there doing your choice

You'll be surprised how well are you and how would your body!

Everything is better than just good - it is fantastic! Let it be that you will clearly and consciously, and enjoy as your beams all transformed into moments of happiness and fulfillment, goodhearts! We wish you all a wonderful, dreamlike moment after another, with everything that makes you fun, its cool, casual goodhearts! LOVE! Enjoys it! You are wonderful, goodhearts, and we all love you! So give her recipient! And if you need something ...

Take it to you:

I am now away from these words and very well very close and in the world, and because of you, we are all together, La Madre, Suzuki, The Old Masters ANZ, Fathers Father, the unnamed, the sweetest of sweet, my incredible JJ, as I also, of Fahfahrian cozy!


Suzuki & La Madre & cozy & Fathers Father

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