FAQ on languages ​​and translations

In order to confess immediately and the first thing goodhearts, beloved enlightened brothers and sisters:

I never expected that the topic “Translations
and languages ​​”ever be so important, take such dimensions
would, as it is now already the case; and we are only beginning to grow!

Well, it’s like it wants, today we are faced with these enormous problems no exaggeration!

We are so – over the thumb – a few million g-cooks and speak naturally different languages.

As we work with machine translations, misunderstandings, or complete bullshit by the imperfection of translation programs are inevitable.

Our “countermeasures” at the moment look like this:

For German speakers are the original – Blog (including archive) on:


For all other languages ​​we provide continually updated on:


an English basic version with built-in translation feature in more than 90 languages.

And finally you can find the blog – Archives in the Languages


to select it:


It may be objected that this scheme seems a bit cumbersome, but füpr the moment she fulfilled its purpose.

All right? – But no! By no means! Please note the following essential, because it is important seh!
You know my always-always-always – same request, the Beloved goodhearts other gives something to eat, a blanket, clothes, toys, some money, whatever-always-always ………. ………………..

… ………………….. Or just some of your energy.

It works like this:

Move your ass to the nearest hospice, hospital, senior citizens or children’s home
Stay near the building / building
Stands upright, breathe deeply in and out
Open your palms and radiates healing and refreshing energy to the people there
Makes 9 breath cycles
Move your ass to the place of your choice
Carries out there doing your choice

You’ll be surprised how well are you and how would your body!

Everything is better than just good – it is fantastic! Let it be that you will clearly and consciously, and enjoy as your beams all transformed into moments of happiness and fulfillment, goodhearts! We wish you all a wonderful, dreamlike moment after another, with everything that makes you fun, its cool, casual goodhearts! LOVE! Enjoys it! You are wonderful, goodhearts, and we all love you! So give her recipient! And if you need something …

Take it to you: www.g-cook.com

I am now away from these words and very well very close and in the world, and because of you, we are all together, La Madre, Suzuki, The Old Masters ANZ, Fathers Father, the unnamed, the sweetest of sweet, my incredible JJ, as I also, of Fahfahrian cozy!


Suzuki & La Madre & cozy & Fathers Father